Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to the questions we hear from our clients most.


Did Bad Gorillas create the software they use?

No. We license and rebrand our remote connection software and also our security software from Comodo, one of the oldest internet security companies. Comodo is based in New Jersey, and you can view more info about the company here.


How do you connect to my computer over the Internet to fix it?

Bad Gorillas uses licenses software technology that allows us to connect to and remotely repair your PC or Mac. Once a client installs our ITSM remote connection software agent our technicians get basic data about your hardware, and control your mouse and keyboard. You can always watch while we work.


I tried to use your online chat page but no one responded to my chat?

We do offer online chat on our website, but occasionally all our technicians may be busy assisting other clients and may not be able to respond right away. Please be patient and remember that while chatting can be easy and informative, you should always call us directly at 615-502-2231 for more immediate service.


How do I know my payment information is safe when using Bad Gorillas Remote Repair Services?

Bad Gorillas proud to be a Paypal merchant in good standing, and all of our transactions are processed by Papal, including payment by credit and debit card. As such, Bad Gorillas never has any access to your payment details, and our technicians will never ask for it.


Do you offer yearly subscriptions for tech support?

Yes! We off two kinds of yearly subscription service- residential and commercial. Paying by the year is cheaper than paying by the month.


Do you offer monthly subscriptions for tech support?

Yes! We off two levels of monthly subscription service, residential and commercial. Clients who pay by the month will end up paying more than those who subscribe and pay yearly..


Will I see any charges on my phone bill?

No, we are not that kind of service.


When do you collect my Credit Card information?

We dont! All of our transactions are processed by Paypal, including payments by credit and debit card. As such, Bad Gorillas never has any access to your payment details. We at Bad Gorillas feel that Paypal has the best protection in the world. We allow Paypal to handle all the financial stuff so- we can get busy fixing computers!


What Forms of Payment do you Accept?

We accept Paypal, and any form of payment that Paypal accepts, including but not limited to Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. When using your credit card it will be processed like any other transaction and your statement will show the “Bad Gorillas” name next to your transaction.


What will show up on my Credit Card Statement?

You will see our transactions listed as ‘Bad Gorillas Computer Repair’ or ‘Bad Gorillas’


What if you cant fix my computer problem?

Not solving a problem is never an option with Bad Gorillas. At bad Gorillas we either repair your issue or we will be able to explain to your in concise terms why its not worth fixing. There really aren’t other options such as ‘we don’t know’. In rare cases we we run across computer issues that just cannot be repaired remotely, for these issues we offer mail in repair service. See this page for more info.


How do I know if I can trust Bad Gorillas Computer Repair?

Bad Gorillas isnt just some random online repair provider, we began as a brick and mortar computer repair shop in Indianapolis, Indiana. Bad Gorillas have more than 250 reviews online covering many of our services- everything from basic pc repair to complex commercial IT solutions. Just Google search ‘Bad Gorillas’ and see!

We also take every precaution to vet our team members, our software, and our procedures. We take your data and security seriously.

There are many online PC support companies and they claim a lot. Most of them just don’t have the real-world credibility of Bad Gorillas Computer Repair. See this page for more info about Bad Gorillas.


What if I am not satisfied with my service?

If you feel that your initial computer service was inadequate, or if your machine is still having issues, we are always happy to provide a full refund within 7 days of service. We only ask that you allow us another shot at repairing your issue before issuing the refund. If we cannot get it right on the second try, we will issue a refund immediately, no questions asked. No Worries, you will never have to call your credit card company to dispute a charge. Simply let us know via email or phone call and we will refund you immediately.


Can I tip the Bad Gorillas Technician for exceptional service?

Our online technical support experts always offer exemplary service to every client, and will never, ever solicit you for a gratuity. However, if your tech goes far above and beyond in their repair session, feel free to include a gratuity. Its easy when you pay your Paypal invoice.


I have a Virus that is preventing me from getting on the Internet. Can you still help me?

Yes! We routinely walk our clients through easy procedures over the phone which can help an infected or slow computer connect to the internet.


Can you help me if my PC will not boot at all?

If you are getting a black screen when you turn on your PC then we probably can’t help you remotely. If you are able to connect to the Internet we can almost always help you, no matter how slow your computer is nor how many popups are on your screen.


How do I know that my computer is safe after your technician is done fixing it?

Bad Gorillas will always leave your machine as secure as possible, and offers software to help with that. Ask your technician for more info.


Is remote computer repair risky?

We pride ourselves on being reputable and making sure our customers are always satisfied. Yes, there can be a risk when choosing an online repair service. This is why we encourage all of our potential clients to Google search ‘Bad Gorillas Computer Repair” and see our real world reputation. We have proven ourselves trustworthy and efficient to thousands of real world clients over the years, and hundreds of them have left us wonderful reviews online! We make a very serious commitment to our clients security and privacy, and encourage you to ask any questions that we haven’t covered here. Our team with respond thoughtfully and promptly!


What operating systems do you support?

We support every major Operating System in use today, including all versions of Microsoft Windows, MacOS, and most *nix variants. We also support Android and iOS smart-phones!


How did I get a virus if I have a good anti-virus program that is installed and properly updated?

This is a very valid question. 98% of customers that call in with virus issues already have a ‘good’ anti-virus program running. Modern malware finds it easy to simply disable the anti-virus program and begin launching popups, blocking your Internet browsing, stealing your information or worse.

Anti-virus vendors, including the biggest names like Symantec, McAfee, Kapersky, and Avast are having difficulty keeping up with all the new malware that comes out on a daily basis.  Their software has become bloated and often ineffective.


I just purchased a program that promised to remove all my viruses but its not working?

Unfortunately there are countless programs that promise to repair problems like viruses, trojans,  malware, etc. There are also many programs that promise to speed up your computer by fixing the registry. The Internet offers thousands of programs that claim to fix your problems but most of these programs are simply malware in disguise.

Often these programs make your problems worse or install additional malware on your computer. There is no such thing as “fixing” your registry. Any registry problems should be addressed manually by a technician who understands your computer.

Be very careful when trying to find a ‘quick fix’ for your problems. Would you rather download some software from a website that masquerades as a real company or talk to a live person who can answer all your questions and truly address your problems.


I got sent to voice-mail when I called you at 615-502-2231, what gives?

Occasionally when you call our local or toll free numbers you may reach our voicemail. This happens during busy times when we get a rush of calls. We don’t want to leave you on hold so instead we send you to voicemail and we will call you ASAP if you leave a message.


What are your hours of operation?

Our technicians are now available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We are only closed on major U.S. holidays.

Occasionally when you call you may reach our voicemail. This happens during busy times. Leave us a detailed message and we will return your call in the order in which it was received.


Is Bad Gorillas similar to Geeksquad?

No, we have well trained techs, reasonable pricing, and super fast turnaround times. Bad Gorillas Remote Services are a great alternative to the ‘Geeks’ and ‘Nerds’ who promise you a lot and rarely deliver.


What is Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM)

RMM is an endpoint and network monitoring software or remote management application software that allows Managed Service Providers (MSPs) to monitor and manage endpoints, computers, mobile devices, and networks remotely from a centralized console. Bad Gorillas is a Managed Service Provider (MSP).

An RMM program is deployed through an “agent” (a small software footprint), which is installed on client systems, workstations, servers, mobile devices etc.

It’s these agents that send back to the MSPs information about client machines; the information includes machine status, machine health etc. Thus the MSPs, by deploying RMM tools, gather insight into client networks. They are thus able to monitor machines remotely, maintain them and keep them up-to-date and even get the machines to stay ahead of issues and resolve them remotely.

An alert (often referred to as a ‘ticket’) is created when one of the agents deployed on a machine/network detects a problem. This ticket is sent to the MSP. The MSP then takes the necessary action to get the issue resolved. Tickets are classified on the basis of the type of the issues and their severity; this kind of clarification helps MSPs identify issues as critical or non-critical.

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