Premium Managed WordPress Hosting

Bad Gorillas are now offering a premium managed WordPress hosting service like no other. If you have tried the big-box hosting companies and been disappointed with the price, service and support- then this service is definitely for you. If you are looking to host your first site and aren’t sure where to begin– relax and leave it to us!

We only offer one managed hosting package, because we like the idea that every one of our clients get the same high quality service. You can also order unlimited tech support for your installation as an addition to your hosting.

Who are these services for?

  • For anyone that wants to have a fast, stable and secure website with no hassle
  • For people who don’t care to mess with server configuration and management
  • For average people like me who dislike complicated and tricky pricing schemes
  • For anyone who likes the idea of one on one USA based customer support

Who are these services NOT for?

  • Anyone who wants access to system backends like cPanel or Virtualmin. For security purposes we do not use any commercial server management software or allow ssh access of any kind.
  • Anyone mainly looking for file or media hosting. There are other services which are more appropriate for those applications.

Premium Managed WordPress Hosting

$250 by the year or $25 by the month

Heres what you get:

  • An exclusive spot on our private and dedicated webhosting network.
  • SSL Security Certificates renewed monthly
  • Automated Off-site backups to your Google Drive account
  • DDOS protection and Caching from Cloudflare
  • We will configure your site to benefit from our various caching schemes
  • Help transferring from your old host
  • Monthly updates for WordPress, your themes and plugins

Premium Managed WordPress Hosting with Extended Support

$500 by the year or $50 by the month

Some benefits of extended support:

  • This plan includes tech support for your site, its software, operations, etc.
  • We will help you install and configure plugins and themes
  • We will answer any questions and provide quality professional opinions
  • We will login to your site and help with procedures as needed
  • More things we cant think of. We go above and beyond for our clients!

More about this service:

Includes Unlimited Everything! We don’t place any limits on disk space, bandwidth, site hits, database connections, etc. We never throttle speed or prioritize websites.

Bad Gorillas lease a network of 10 servers from a reputable commercial company based in the USA, and have systems in Buffalo, Chicago, and Dallas. Our server administrators build each server from the ground up, meticulously enacting high level security measures and enabling the latest in PHP/MySQL capabilities.

Please Note: Bad Gorillas reserves the right to not host any website for any reason, without explanation.

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