Getting Started with Bad Gorillas

You have lots of options when it comes to computer repair, and most of them involve:

  • Unplugging all the wires from your computer
  • Loading it into your car
  • Taking it to a store
  • Leaving it for days or weeks
  • Paying hundreds of dollars to have who-knows work on it.

Bad Gorillas Computer Repair now offers a better option: Remote Computer Repair. With our new Remote Repair and 24/7 Protection Plans there is no need to unhook cables or take your expensive computer anywhere. Our vetted and highly trained technicians can monitor and connect to your problem machine remotely over the internet, no matter how slowly your machine is running or how many popups you have.

Connecting is easy! Simply find the software for your device below and follow the instructions from there.

Software for Android Phone and Tablets

Download and install Communication Client by tapping the following link:

Upon completion of the installation, enroll using this link:

Settings for Manual Device Enrollment

Use the following settings:

Port: 443
Token: 35dbc2a72b0f7a9a98951bed86aae977

Software for Apple Macbooks, iMacs, and iOS Devices (iPhone, iPad)

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Software for Linux with Desktops

Download and install Communication Client by tapping the following link: 
Use the same link for manual enrollment if required.

1) Change installer mode to executable:

$ chmod +x {$installation file$}

2) Run installer with root privileges:

$ sudo ./{$installation file$}

Please Note:

If your organization uses active directory you must contact us directly for special links to enroll your Windows, Mac, and Android devices. The links on this page are only for downloading our remote connection software and are only meant for connecting new clients. If you are a current antivirus or remote support client please contact us and we will email you special links to enroll new devices directly to your account. You cannot download our security software suite directly, we must connect using our ITSM software agent and push the antivirus remotely.