Here are seven questions to ask yourself before choosing your online IT services provider:

  • Google the name of the business. Do they have an online presence other than their own website?
  • Do they provide a local number where you can call text, or do they only use anonymous emails and ‘888’ numbers?
  • Call them! Do they answer in a clear, professional manner, or do they throw you a ‘Whaddup’?
  • Do they publicly advertise a street address, or do they hide behind their website?
  • Do they have a well thought out and clearly stated pricing structure?
  • What is the quality of their we presence and website? Does it seem shoddy, thrown together quickly, and full of boilerplate verbiage?
  • Are their ads well made and show attention to detail, spelling, and grammar?

Choose your Online Computer Repair and IT Services Provider Carefully! Find out for yourself if you are dealing with a professional or a fly by night scam artist!

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