Bad Gorillas Computer Repair

Silly Name, Serious IT Services

Bad Gorillas is a silly name. What does it mean anyway? Bad Gorillas doesn’t really mean anything. It is unique though, and from the very beginning we have striven to stand apart. Seems like every IT service out there call themselves a geek, or a nerd, or a tech. Well okay then, we are Gorillas… Bad Gorillas. We are also radical and tubular.

Bad Gorillas are really good gorillas. We maintain a high level of service for our clients. Having heard consistent horror stories from our customers  concerning remote repairs, it was easy to outline a better way to operate.

We don’t charge alot. We keep our services and pricing simple. We work hard for our clients and we never ever upsell software or services just for the sake of it. We go above and beyond for every client, every time.

I paid this professional spokesperson to say… well, gibberish basically.

Computer repair in general has earned itself a bad reputation, although a well deserved one. Sketchy computer repair shops who somehow need weeks to fix your machine, fly by night technicians from Craigslist who creep ya out, and the endless ‘geeks’ and ‘nerds’ who promise you everything but only seem interested in extracting every dollar they can. 

So that’s our premise, and based on that premise, here are the services we offer: 

A remote computer repair session is only $50 flat per machine. That’s just $50 whether the repair takes 5 minutes, 5 hours, or 5 days. Most repairs take an 2 or 3 hours. Some repairs can take 5 days, no kidding. The only extra charges sometimes applied are $50 for data backup/recovery operations, and $50 for a wipe and reload of your machine. 

We also license an antivirus and security software suite that we resell to our clients for $50 per year, per machine. This is genuinely good software that we chose because we think it’s the best protection out there right now for our clients.  

Some of our clients need more frequent help than others, so we also offer unlimited tech support and repair packages for both home and small business. 

At home we can offer unlimited repair and support for one laptop or desktop for $250 per year. This includes support, remote repairs, and security software for one Mac or PC, and is non-transferable. We can also cover you whole home, up to four laptops and desktops for $500 only per year. 

For the office we can offer unlimited remote repair and support for up to five laptops and desktops for only $1,000 per year. Get support for up to ten machines for only $1,500 per year. We do not currently provide support for larger organizations.

Lastly, we offer server and network administration billed at $50 per hour. We can work with your Windows and Linux Servers, your Active Directory, and more. Basically, anything that’s not covered under one of the categories above is $50 per hour.  

Yes, we cover both PCs and Macs with no price difference or upcharge. Yes we can help diagnose and repair your network remotely. Yes we can likely help with your printers and scanners remotely as well.  

We keep saying ‘Bad Gorillas’, but really you just get me: Jason Garrison. I have a background in graphic design and spent some time with a Christian ministry in my 20’s. Since opening Bad Gorillas, I have earned more than 250 reviews online, me personally. I have earned about 150 reviews online for computer repair and another 100 or so for commercial IT work. You can see my cv here. 

Are you ready to get started? Its easy on your Windows laptop or desktop! Simply click here to download our remote connection software. Once the program downloads, please run it. Once it installs you will be enrolled on our computer repair network, and we will be able to begin working on your machine. Have a Mac or other device? Visit our Getting Started page where you’ll find all of the links and instructions to connect all of your machines to our remote repair network.

Thanks for taking the time to get to know us, we look forward to hearing from you soon! We cant wait for you to join our many clients from all over the United States who trust Bad Gorillas Remote Services for computer repair, tech support, and more. 


Jason G.